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Dr. Shavon is a licenced,

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Specialty trained in natural and integrative fertility and hormone health approaches!

So what is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), you ask? NDs are medically-trained, credentialed, natural medicine doctors (also abbreviated in some states as NMDs). We are trained to draw philosophy and apply therapeutics (e.g. nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, mind-body-medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, etc.) from age-old healing systems, yet we use our understanding of western diagnosis, the scientific method, and pharmaceuticals, to effectively help people achieve the health goals they seek, in a safe, holistic and sustainable way.


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Dr. Shavon provides focused, naturopathic care in the specialty areas of hormone health & natural fertility. She helps women and couples who have been struggling with hormonal and fertility concerns embark on a holistic journey to better overall health and bigger families. We believe that 'hormonal havoc' is the body-mind-spirit's call for better balance, She helps you engage this call with her signature Healthy Hormone & Natural Fertility approach.  

Naturopathic Care

For those who are not quite ready for the personalized, naturopathic care approach, or who want to kick-start or deep-dive into various topics of healthy living, healthy hormones or natural fertility - at their own pace - we've honored your self-care pursuits through our selection of supervised & on-demand courses and classes. Encouraging and evidenced-based, these courses teach and 'tool' you, along your journey to better health.

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Courses and Classes

Business Branding Marketing Advertising

Dr. Shavon has extensive parallel experience in branding, marketing & product development for the natural products industry. Her work as a science officer at a nutraceuticals marketing & distribution firm speaks to her balanced perspective in honoring the wisdom of traditional healing systems and time-honored natural therapies, while balancing the genius of the scientific process and rigor. 

Brand Development 

The Naturopathic Experience

  • Authority

    NDs are the foremost authority on the holistic, natural approach to health & disease. Depending on the practicing state and doctor, NDs can specialize, consult, or do primary care. Dr. Shavon offers specialized, consultative care.

  • Expertise

    NDs receive 4100+ conventional medical and natural medicine science doctoral-hours including 150+  nutrition and 1200+ clinic hours We take board exams and sit for state licensure. Dr. Shavon also has specialty post-doc, fertility training.

  • Precepts

    NDs are guided by 6 principles & holistic healing philosophies, like the Therapeutic Order. Dr. Shavon is intentional about weaving these precepts into her Healthy Hormone & Natural Fertility approach so your wholeness & healing are optimized.  

  • Story

    Like other doctors, NDs are driven by their desire to help. Similarly, we often have a pre-ND story that intimately connects us to our philosophy & mission. Dr. Shavon describes her passion for fertility & hormone health as truly personal.

  • Enterprise

    NDs are enterprising, almost by default. Beyond the clinic walls, many NDs also work in research, public health, consulting, academia or  industry. Dr. Shavon balances clinical work with branding/scientific marketing support for the supplement industry.

  • Engagement

    Docere, is a Latin word often ascribed to the word 'doctor', but actually translates to teacher. Dr. Shavon has taught topics of health and natural medicine on college campuses and world stages, literally. Searching for a speaker, she's it!


Dr. Shavon is a 2X Amazon Best-Selling published author. She lends her expertise to the topics of women's health, hormones, fertility and nutrition to these texts. For bulk (50+) orders, please contact us at 973-559-6289. 


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