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Dr. Shavon is a licenced,

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

So what is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), you ask? NDs are licensed, natural medicine practitioners that masterfully teeter between two worlds - holistic and conventional. Our medical training has taught us how to draw philosophy and apply therapeutics from age-old healing systems, while simultaneously using our understanding of western diagnosis, the scientific method, and pharmaceuticals, to safely and effectively meet the needs of today's holistic-health seeker. 


Learn how having these different skillsets best positions us to help women and families heal.


NDs are the foremost authority on the holistic, natural approach to health & disease. Depending on the state and or doctor, NDs can specialize, consult, or do primary care. We offer specialized consultative care.


NDs receive 4100+ conventional medical and natural medicine science doctoral-hours incl' 150  nutrition and 1200+ clinic hrs. We take board exams & sit for state licensure. Dr. Shavon also has specialty post-doc training


NDs are guided by 6 principles & holistic healing philosophies, like the Therapeutic Order. They undergird our signature Healthy Hormone & Natural Fertility approach keeping Dr. Shavon on target as she serves.


Like other doctors, NDs are driven by their desire to help. Similarly, we often have a pre-ND story that intimately connects us to the philosophy & mission. I share that my passion derives from my birth story...


NDs are enterprising, almost by default. Our experiences often reach beyond the clinic walls, into research, public health, consulting, academia, & nutraceuticals. I balance clinical and brand development work.


Docere, is a Latin word often ascribed to 'doctor' but actually translates to teacher (speaker).  


If you have an audience interested in holistic health; Dr. Shavon is the speaker for you! 


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Naturopathic Care

Dr. Shavon provides focused, naturopathic care in the specialty area of hormone health & natural fertility. She helps women and couples who have been struggling with hormonal and fertility concerns embark on a holistic journey to better health and bigger families. We believe that 'hormone havoc' is the body-mind-spirit's call for better balance, We help you engage this call with our Healthy Hormone & Natural Fertility approach 

Courses & Classes

For those who are not quite ready for the personalized, naturopathic care approach, or who want to kick-start or deep-dive into various topics of healthy living, healthy hormones or natural fertility - at their own pace - we've honored your self-care pursuits through our selection of supervised & on-demand courses and classes. Encouraging and evidenced-based, these courses teach and 'tool' you, along your journey to better health.

Brand Development

Dr. Shavon has extensive parallel experience in branding & product development for the natural products industry. Her work as a science officer speaks to her balanced perspective in honoring the wisdom of traditional healing systems and time-honored natural therapies, while balancing the genius of the scientific process and rigor. A healthy intersection helps to deliver nutrients/botanicals with more convenience, safety and confidence.  


Dr. Shavon is an Amazon Best-Selling and soon-to-be 2nd time published author. She lends her expertise to the topics of women's health, hormones, fertility and nutrition to these texts. For bulk (50+) orders, please contact us at 973-559-6289. 


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