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Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND

Why Hormone Health & Natural Fertility?

I am my parent's first child - the result of 5 years of trying, "failing" and trying some more. Back nearly 40 years ago, my mother persevered through some difficult diagnoses and procedures, to have a best chance at conception. There was less known about some of the conditions that contributed to her fertility challenges, and much less proven to assist her in a more natural way. So much of her process was unchartered. 


In ND medical school, I developed a particular liking to hormone health: hormones of metabolism, like thyroid and blood sugar hormones, stress hormones, hormones of reproduction. I loved them all, and as I've helped many people with hormone conditions over the years, there's always been something special about helping women, like my mom, conceive. 


I always knew that my own personal journey 'here' was not easy and in the thick of it, my mother (and father) suffered a lot - similar to the patients I was seeing - but it was the experience of my own miscarriage that brought everything into context for me. The light that I had previously been to others in their hard times, became the strength that got me through my own pain and loss. It catapulted me in a new and fresh way to continue promoting hormone health of all kinds, but with natural fertility as a focus! 

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Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor 

Biography/Resume at a Glance

Biomedical Engineer



Clinical Excellency Scholar

University Professor

Naturopathic Physician

Natural Products Strategist

Licensed naturopathic doctor, Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND brings more than a decade of influence as a natural health authority to the table. She is a best-selling author of the collaborative work, ‘The Black Family Health-O-Pedia’, contributing her expertise to the chapters on women’s health and the 'How To' chapter on being a diligent dietary supplement consumer. Dr. Shavon is also a sought after speaker domestically and internationally.

Dr. Shavon operates as a naturopathic consultant in the pre-licensed state of NJ, delivering personalized wellness care to women struggling with hormonal and metabolic concerns and couples looking for integrative/natural fertility options. She journeys with them in finding the natural and holistic approach that meets their individualized needs and facilitates their health and healing goals. She also focuses on ‘sustainable self-care’; working on the development of online courses that teach wellness fundamentals that help people take greater initiative in their healthcare journey.


Dr. Shavon complements her part-time practice with additional work in brand and marketing management for the dietary supplement industry. She feels very privileged to be able to have a foot in both worlds. Traveling extensively as the Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for an NJ-based firm, she prospects and develops research, safety, and education profiles for patented, natural ingredients that are formulated for consumer use.


She is the mom of 2 awesome boys - and a beautiful daughter (her rainbow baby), is married to her college sweetheart, enjoys family time, good friends, cooking and eating great food, a nice glass of Malbec, traveling, and developing her faith through various church and parachurch ministries.

Need an Event Speaker?

Dr. Shavon is a renowned and dynamic speaker. She has spoken on platforms large and small, domestically and internationally. She has over 6 years of experience as a university professor and has refined the art of delivering impactful and educational messages for her audiences.  To inquire about adding Dr. Shavon to your speakers roster:

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A healer is someone who seeks to be the light she wishes she had in her darkest moments. 

- Vironika Tugalevawords