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NDs are the foremost authority on the holistic, natural approach to health and disease. Depending on the licensure status of the state, some of us practice primary care. We focus on hormone health & fertility.


NDs receive 4100+ conventional medical and natural medicine science/modalities including  150+ nutrition and 1200+ clinic hrs. We take board exams & sit for state licensing. Dr. Shavon has 1 add'l year of training.


NDs are guided by 6 principles, and a few guiding philosophies, including the therapeutic order. The above are foundational to our approach and core to our mission of delivering natural, effective, and safe healthcare. 


Like other doctors, NDs are driven by their desire to help. Similarly, we often have a pre-ND story that intimately connects us to the philosophy & mission. My story goes back to before my birth; empowered by my clients.


NDs are enterprising, almost by default, our experiences often reach beyond the clinic walls, into research, public health, consulting, academia, & nutraceuticals. I balance clinical and product development work.

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