EAT well 

MOVE daily

HYDRATE often 

SLEEP lots

LOVE your body

Repeat for  LIFE

- Author Unknown

Practice Approach

The naturopathic medicine process is not arbitrary or uninspired - it is systematic and has deep roots that are time-honored and proven by patients/clients just like you. 



First Do No Harm


The Healing Power of Nature


Identify and Treat the Cause


Doctor as Teacher


Treat the Whole Person



Naturopathic Precepts

Naturopathic Medicine is a care paradigm (e.g. model) that focuses on wellness, or the healthy functioning of the body and mind, and the influential role of the spirit over both.


The space that naturopathic medicine holds for itself is given context by a set of (6) defining principles, or precepts. 

Therapeutic Order

Our precepts are ordered by a  hierarchy of guidelines, known as the Therapeutic Order, that when kept at the forefront of our process and protocols help us to keep our patients/clients on target for whole health, and not just symptom-free living.

Establish the foundation of optimal health

Stimulate the self-healing mechanisms

Support & restore weakened systems

Address physical alignment

Natural symptom control

Synthetic symptom relief

High force